Who We Are

  • South China Sea Development Company, Limited (Sdev) is an international business company providing consulting services and investing in projects that help integrate the developing world into the global economy. Sdev maintains its correspondence address in Hong Kong and our primary business activities are focused in Vietnam and South East Asia.

  • S-dev’s Founder and Chairman of the Board is Dr. Roger H. Ford, an American entrepreneur, business professor, and author who has worked in Vietnam and South East Asia since 1992. A former Fulbright Senior Scholar to Vietnam, Dr. Ford has a wide range of business, education, and consulting experience in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and other countries. S-dev’s core team is comprised of staff and consultants from several countries.

Our Guiding Principle
  • South China Sea Development believes in building linkages, improving innovation, and strengthening businesses upon a foundation of integrity and trust. This principle guides every decision we make.

    Our Approach
    • S-dev performs our work through careful teaming arrangements that allow us to leverage the unique skills and capabilities of our international and local staff, consultants, and outsourcing in order to give excellent service to our clients at a reasonable price. Our core team and affiliated consultants represent a broad spectrum of expertise including business education (various specialties), management, economics, engineering, project management, construction, public administration, agriculture, and mathematics.

    • In 2011 Sdev launched a sister company, South East Asia Development Company, Limited, (Seadev) in Vietnam. The purpose of this expansion was to allow us to open an IT (software engineering, web development, social media analytics, and more), Business Processing and Outsourcing Center in the heart of South East Asia. Our companies work together closely to provide localized services for our South East Asian clients, and price and efficiency advantages for our global clients. In 2012 we launched our Social Media Services Department.

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