Our Services

Services for Entrepreneurs and Businesses

  • Innovation Evaluation, Feasibility Studies, and Business Plans

  • Corporate Governance and Boards of Directors training

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) training and developing codes of conducts

  • Strategic Management and long-range planning

  • Social Media Marketing campaign design

  • Social Media management, monitoring and analytics

  • Human Resource management, planning, and development

  • Developing linkages between local and international firms including selecting and liaison with local partners

  • Business Processing and Outsource Services

Services for Education

  • Design curriculum and delivering training programs for business fields

  • Evaluating and modernizing academic curriculum

  • Conducting and facilitating workshops and seminars

  • Developing linkages with international education partners

Services for Governments and Industry

  • Institutional development and capacity-building

  • Project research, investigation, and formulation for infrastructure and environmental improvement

  • Productivity and competitiveness analysis, planning, and improvement

  • Project monitoring, measurement, and evaluation

  • Translation services


South China Sea Development Company, Limited is an international business company providing consulting services that help integrate the developing world into the global economy. In addition, we also make direct investments for select projects in targeted developing countries that offer the promise of making a strong contribution to the economic development of those countries. We also make limited investments in developed countries for liquidity and portfolio-balancing purposes.

Preferred projects include real estate development, including commercial and residential properties; hotels, resorts, hospitality and tourism-focused investments; financial institutions, and entrepreneurial, SME-focused businesses and projects. All investments must be consistent with South China Sea Development’s Guiding Principle. Brief proposals or project synopses may be submitted for consideration to the attention of the Chairman of the Board. Please do not send full business plans or prospectuses until they have been requested following review of the brief proposal or synopses.